Sara's Story

458-800-cropOne crisp autumn evening, we opened our doors at the Alpha Life Pregnancy Center. With tear-filled eyes, Sara arrived clutching her infant daughter. We knew Sara. During her pregnancy she came to our center seeking help. Excited about the possibility of being a new mother yet she struggled to find resources. She lived with the baby's father but he was not as excited about the pregnancy. He was skeptical about the paternity of the child but he promised to support them. Sara believed in time he would grow to love the child as she was beginning to do.

Like many clients who visit Alpha, Sara's pregnancy was not planned. She was determined to carry and parent her baby but she needed a little help. That's where the we came in. Each month, we would talk with her, laugh with her and help her create a plan for the birth of her daughter. We coordinated resources through our local Health Department and our other community partners. We gave her a new car seat, diapers, clothes, toiletries and other supplies to help her bring baby home. We wanted to make sure she had everything to start her new parenting journey with success!

After her beautiful daughter arrived, she returned to the center. We gave her extra formula, diapers and newborn items to help carry the burden of being a new mom. Each time she visited, we said “If you ever need anything, we’ll be right here to help.”

This is why she came back to us that fall evening. She needed help.

Earlier that day, the paternity test results arrived. They revealed her daughter's father was not whom she expected. In a fit of rage, her boyfriend sent Sara and her daughter scurrying away. They were now alone and destitute. For hours before our center opened, she walked through town alone and confused.

She arrived at our door. Sitting in our center she cried as she shared her story. She felt ashamed, rejected, hopeless and afraid. Through tear-stained eyes, she said "I came here to Alpha because I had no place else to go. You helped us before. Can you please help us again?"

For hours, our volunteers called every available shelter and investigated every resource. We found a safe place for Sara and her daughter. We coordinated for a social worker to meet with her the next morning to help her begin rebuilding her new life.

While she waited, our volunteers gave her food, formula and diapers. We comforted them and protected them until they could find a more permanent place to stay.

When her friend arrived, we walked Sara and her daughter outside. We hugged them tightly and tucked them into the waiting car.

Through her tears she said "Thank You". Then they drove away.

We walked back into the center, gathered together in prayer and asked for God's protection them. We prayed God would guard her, protect her and give her a safe place to rest as He draws nearer and nearer to her heart. Our presence that day provided Sara a refuge from her storm. But we never saw her again. We don’t know the rest of her story. But we trust in God’s love and protection – even when we can’t see it.

At the Alpha Life Pregnancy Center, we see many faces, hear many stories of fear and despair and we cry many tears. But we also laugh, we love and we share God's amazing hope and grace with the world.

Sara, and those like her, need our help. They need a refuge from their storm. They need a place to find love, acceptance and hope regardless of their situation. A place, that for a moment, they can see and hear and feel God loves for them, no matter their circumstances.

This is our story. It's the story of the men and women who serve at the Alpha Life Pregnancy Center. We invite you to join us on our journey.

Through prayer, volunteer service or financial donations, you can help make a difference in the lives of women like Sara.

Together, we build strong families and thriving communities. We offer every life the chance to grow.

Won't you join us on our journey?

We'd love to share it with you!